My mama has always joked about the calls she would get from the principal because I would take Candy to school and sell it to the other kids… haha so I guess you could say I’ve always had the entrepreneur mindset! I had always dreamt of owning a boutique but never went for it…

Fast forward to 2018 I married the love of my life, Trevor & also graduated nursing school I absolutely loved my job, During the year of Covid me & my husband ended up pregnant & we were expecting a little boy, Our whole world changed for the better of course!

At around 5 months pregnant and still working through the pandemic my family & I thought it would be best for me to put nursing to the side for a bit and focus on the baby so that’s what I did. If you knew me you would know I’m not someone who can just sit at home…I got bored and just decided I was going to start a boutique, I knew once he was here I was going to want more flexibility so I could spend all the time in the world with him.

So here we are… I couldn’t do it without my husband, our families & our precious Reed. He’s my reason always & forever! We hope you love shopping Bell Street Boutique!

About us
XOXO, Allison